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Hi, I'm Jennine

Founder of the agent outpost

real estate agent

marketer & entrepreneur

but my favorite title is mom

What do you want your life to look like? That's a question I ask myself everyday. As soon as I wake up, I ask myself that question, it motivates me create the life I want.

You could call me a serial entrepreneur that’s slightly obsessed with learning new things. Throwing it back to the beginning, I was in the top of my architectural technology program, earning my way into the finals in two different design competitions and completed with an honors diploma – I loved the program, but knew I needed to expand my knowledge. I then finished a 4-year degree in communications in two years with honors.

Shortly after graduation I started my career knowing that I wanted to design my own life, and with hard work and marketing, I did so by developing multiple businesses using an online strategy – some of which went on to win awards and a magazine publication.

With my combined experience, real estate felt like a natural fit - plus who wouldn't love the idea of unlimited potential with real estate.

Mike Sherrard

Connor Steinbrook

Co-Founder of The Wolf Pack

Co-Founder of The Wolf Pack

Top real estate investor based out of Dallas, Texas. Connor is a co-founder of The Wolf Pack. He provides agents tools and resources such as his Investor Academy, and his Revenue Share Academy, to help real estate agents scale their business.

Award winning real estate agent based out of Calgary, AB. Mike has trained over 3,000 agents to scale their real estate business using social media. Mike is also the co-founder of The Wolf Pack where he leads a record breaking real estate group by providing training like the Social Agent Academy.

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