Is eXp Realty Good for New Agents?

You did it; you did the education, you passed the tests, and now it’s time to choose your brokerage. As a new real estate agent, choosing a brokerage can be overwhelming – there are so many choices, and each brokerage has their own way of doing things. At eXp Realty, we do things differently compared to other brokerages, and as a result, we often hear the question, is eXp Realty good for new agents? Let’s break it down.

Training for New Real Estate Agents

As a new real estate agent, there’s a big learning curve. Not only are you starting in a new industry, but you’re also starting your own business – there’s a lot to learn! Every week in the cloud brokerage, eXp hosts a variety of different classes, over 50 hours a week, to help you grow and succeed as an agent. These courses are taught by leaders in the industry from all over the world.

eXp Realty has also created programs specifically designed for new real estate agents.

Training for New Real Estate Agents in the United States

eXp Realty has created the Fast Start program for new real estate agents, or for agents that are new to eXp and in need of some additional training. The Fast Start program is a 2 week program that is designed to help jump start your career in real estate at eXp.

Take a look at the current curriculum:

  • Fast Start 101 – Navigating the eXp Roadmap
  • Fast Start 102 – Setting Up Your eXp Business
  • Fast Start 103 – The 3 C’s on Your Path to Success
  • Fast Start 104 – Mentor Program Overview
  • Fast Start 105 – Workplace as a Mobile Office
  • Fast Start 106 – Real Estate Fundamentals
  • Fast Start 107 – Real Estate Business Planning
  • Fast Start 108 – Lead Generation Fundamentals
  • Fast Start 109 – Lead Conversion Fundamentals
  • Fast Start 110 – Database Management Fundamentals
  • Fast Start 111 – Sales Fundamentals
  • Fast Start 112 – Working with Buyers
  • Fast Start 113 – Working with Sellers
  • Fast Start 114 – Workplace as a Business Tool

Not only do you have access to all these courses, you’ll also be paired with a mentor that will help guide you through your first transactions. Your mentor will be a certified eXp member within your geographical location.

Training for New Real Estate Agents in Canada

In Canada, we do the new real estate agent program a little differently. We have a 90 program called the New Agent Bootcamp. Each week there are live courses taught by industry leading professionals. You will also be required to complete courses related to contracts, legal items, technology, lead generation and more. These courses are designed to help you create a strong foundation as a new real estate agent.

Here is an example of the current cirriculum:

  1. Introduction to the New Agent Bootcamp
  2. Mindset: Life Happens.
  3. Building a Database
  4. Business Planning
  5. Working with Buyers
  6. Succeeding through Sellers
  7. Connecting with Buyers and Sellers.
  8. What Do I Say and When Do I Say It?
  9. Marketing & Branding
  10. Success is on the Horizon.
  11. Referrals are a GREAT Thing!
  12. Team Supreme! What is Next?

As a new real estate agent in Canada, you’ll also have the option to sign up for a coach. This isn’t a requirement – but it is such a great resource to have.

Support for New Real Estate Agents

On top of having all the training programs, and access to mentors, you also have support all around you. As a virtual brokerage, we work in the cloud – eXp World. eXp Realty has hundreds of paid employees in the world waiting to help you with whatever you need – everything from tech support to accounting.

We also have Workplace by Meta (Facebook). It’s like Facebook, but for the brokerage. Here you can quickly speak to anyone that you need to talk to. You can message your brokers, you can join different groups – there’s always someone online that could help you.

You also have your eXp Sponsor – this is the person that introduced you to eXp Realty, or the reason why you signed up. Sponsors have no obligation to help you at eXp, so it’s important to choose the right one. Find out what we do for our agents.

Earn More as a New Real Estate Agent

At a traditional brokerage real estate agents get paid by selling homes – commission. At eXp Realty you have an opportunity to earn more for doing the same work. We have 3 income streams at eXp Realty:


Keep more of your commission with no desk fees, franchise fees, or royalty fees. We also have a low company cap – which can come back to you if you become an icon agent.

Equity Ownership

As an eXp Agent, you have ownership in the company. There are 5 different ways you can earn equity in the company for doing the same work you would be doing at any other brokerage.

Revenue Share

Earn passive income from agents that you sponsor into the company. It’s important to understand that the revenue share comes from EXP. So when EXP gets their portion from a transaction, 50% of that will go back to investing in the agents.

The Revenue Share is modelled as a 7 tier system similar to other brokerages – but the key difference is that the we share revenue before expenses, where as others share profit after expenses.

This is totally optional – you have no obligation or requirement to sponsor agents into the company.

With eXp Realty’s training, support, mentorship, and earning potential, it is a great brokerage for new real estates to start and grow their real estate careers. We know it’s overwhelming as a new agent – and we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.