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Learn about the most technologically advanced global real estate group with the fastest growing brokerage in North American history. Join the community of agents that are scaling their business the modern way using creative & innovative social media strategies.

Stop door knocking and cold calling. getting rejected all day chasing your next deal.

Build a recognized, unforgettable, top of mind personal brand.

Get mentored FOR FREE by the some top industry experts in the world.

Attract clients at scale with the best video marketing strategies real estate.

Generate endless lead with the highest converting lead generation strategies.

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Why eXp Realty?

eXp Realty is transforming the real estate experience through modern technology. eXp empowers their agents through education, partnership, support, and stock awards - and that is why it is the fastest growing brokerage in North American history!



Work From Anywhere

eXp Realty provides all their agents with industry leading tools to grow their business. This includes KVCore, Skyslope, eXp World, Workplace by Facebook, and more!

No matter where you're at in your real estate journey, continuing education is important. eXp offers over 50 hours of live training a week in virtual classrooms led by top agents worldwide.

Through the convenience of the cloud you're able to work from anywhere. Gone are the days where you have to rush to the office for a meeting.


Agent Equity Program

Revenue Share

Earn residual income by referring other agents to eXp - perfect for those wanting to grow a team.

Access hundreds of support staff in the cloud for real time support - everything from tech support and transaction management to accounting.

eXp offers all agents the possibility of becoming a shareholder in the company. Earn equity awards by closing your first transaction, and by capping - earn your entire yearly commission cap back in stock!

keep more of your money

No desk fees, royalty fees or franchise fees.


United States

Commission & Cap

standard costs

Commission & Cap

standard costs



80/20 Split

80/20 Split

Cloud Brokerage fee

Cloud Brokerage fee*

$16,000 Cap

$16,000 Cap

After that earn 100% commission for the remainder of anniversary year*

$199 one time start-up fee

$29 broker review**

$17 risk management fee**

$149 one time start-up fee

$25 broker review**

$40 risk management fee***

*$285 capped transaction fee. Once capped transaction fees total $5,700 then the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75.

*Per transaction.

**Per transaction and caps at $200.

*$250 capped transaction fee. Once capped transaction fees total $5,000 then the capped transaction fee is reduced to $75.

*These are U.S. fees only.

**Per transaction.

***Per transaction and caps at $500.

Looking to join from another country? No problem! eXp is currently operating out of 23 countries.

Community over Competition

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we were never meant to

Benefits to partnering with Us

free access to the social agent academy by mike sherrard

free access to all templates from the agent outpost

real estate investment training by investor connor steinbrook

revenue share training by connor steinbrook

Learn from the best




Scaling Production


Women's Group

Private Wolf Pack Hub

24/7 access to the training and resources you need

goal setting & business planning

streamlined onboarding

production accelerator

agent attraction accelerator



support systems

kvcore training

Soomin Kim EXP Realty Wolf Pack

John Pena

Soomin Kim

John was a new agent, did 0 deals in the first 6 months, had no channel, no videos. He was about to quit the industry. He decided to join eXp and the Wolf Pack. Through the YouTube training alone, with no experience, 1 month later he started getting calls from his videos, 3 months later he started getting 3-5 deals a month, and now he’s retiring his wife from her corporate job to help with the real estate business.

Soomin just moved to a new city as a new agent with no experience. When he started, he had no YouTube channel and no videos. Soomin went through all the training provided by the Wolf Pack and has closed over 55 deals in his first 8 months.




if you want to go fast, go alone

if you want to go far, go together.

Meet Your Partners

Connor Steinbrook

Mike Sherrard

Jennine Hamel

From investing, marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship, your partners bring a variety of skills unique to their background to help support you on your real estate journey.

Top real estate investor based out of Dallas, Texas.

Top producing and award winning agent based out of Calgary, AB.

Real estate agent and entrepreneur based out of Edmonton, AB.


Do I have to recruit agents?

What if I don't live in the same location as you?

Nope! You don't have any obligation to recruit agents. You can simply focus on production if that's what you'd like to do.

That's ok! That's the great thing about eXp - we're all under one brokerage. Everything we do is virtual, so you will still receive all the same help. Most members of the Wolf Pack all live in different locations. You'll also have access to your designated broker for local, transactional support.

Can new agents work at eXp?

What if I'm not that "techy"?

Of course! The Wolf Pack will provide you with tons of resources to get started, and don't forget to check out all the free training available from eXp. Starting as a new agent can feel overwhelming, but don't forget, we are here for you!

No problem! We have tons of training available to help you get started. You can also book 1 on 1 support with your partners. There's also hundreds of support staff in eXp that are there to help you with anything from website support to accounting. All you have to do is ask for help.

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