Simple Business Tracker for Real Estate Agents

February 16, 2023

When I first launched Agent Outpost it just wasn’t the right time for me personally, largely because of organization. I was running multiple businesses, had a baby at home, and I knew I just needed to take a step back, reevaluate, and refocus and organize myself, and I did that. Now I am, trying to pass on things that I’ve learned a long the way.

Part of that was building better systems. I tried multiple ways, but a lot of it came down to I just wanted something simple. I feel like the more complex things get, the less likely I am to using it. Then I found Notion. Notion is amazing, because you can build it to suit your own needs. So I built out what I needed with simplicity in mind. Let me take you on a very quick tour. You’ll want to stay through the tour because I might just have something that can get you started too.

So there it is, just a very brief look at this business template I’ve created. If you’re interested in using this, head over to my Etsy shop where it’s available for purchase – it comes with tutorial videos and more instructions than what I’ve shown you today. Or if you’re on the fence, and just curious, download a copy of the Content Calendar for free through the link below.

I’m excited to have the Agent Outpost back up and running, and I can’t wait to provide you with more tools and resources to help you and your business grow.