What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

March 13, 2023

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and entering the world of real estate, or maybe you just started? Well, let me tell you, it’s a wild ride! Now that it’s been a bit for me, looking back there are a few things that I wish I knew before I started.

First thing that I really wish I would have stuck with, you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You don’t have to be an aggressive salesperson or fit into any of the real estate agent stereotypes that you may have seen on TV. So for example, before I got started I was always stressing – I don’t have a fancy vehicle – I drive a mini van – what will people think. Well. A lot of others, especially families like mine, drive the same thing – it makes you relatable. Another example, I took some training that required me to set up this aggressive follow up system – I honestly hated it. But I thought, well this is what works, I guess I need to do it. I felt so ridiculous, and inauthentic. I ended up getting hung up on, rude messages – you name it. And you know what, I don’t blame them. The thing is, this isn’t the first business I’ve set up. I’ve had success with my other businesses in a totally different way – so why was I doing it like this? That’s when I decided to change everything that I was doing to a more value and client led approach. Right after I did that, I got my first listing which resulted in 3 other sales and a referral. There’s no one fits all solution to real estate, you just have to do what works for you and what feels right for you.

Second, setting up systems is crucial. Real estate is a fast-paced and constantly changing industry, and having systems in place can save you a lot of time and headache. From email templates to CRM systems, to business tracking, having a set plan in place can make all the difference. I wish I would have spent more time doing this at the start – it’s hard to go back and do that once you get busier. The thing is though, it’s also hard to implement when you don’t have all the experience as well.

Third, the learning curve is steep. Real estate isn’t just about buying and selling houses, it’s a business – you own a business. There’s a lot to learn, and it can take time to fully understand all the ins and outs of the industry, and what it takes to run a business. In this business you will never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek out additional education.

Fourth, don’t take things personally. Real estate transactions can be emotional and stressful, and sometimes clients can be difficult to work with. Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about finding the best solution for your client. Just keep focus on your why and do the best you can in difficult situations. If you let everything get to you, I think you’ll likely burn out, or resent the job.

Finally, the people around you are important. Surround yourself with other successful agents and industry professionals. Networking and building relationships with others can lead to valuable opportunities and collaborations. When I first started with my brokerage at exp, we are supposed to pick a sponsor – at the time I was so new, didn’t really realize what that meant, so the broker said I highly suggest you take some time to pick your sponsor since it can be a big decision. So I did, still not really realizing how big of a decision it really was. I ended up with the Wolf Pack, and honestly, what a difference. I’ve learned so much from this group, and continue to do so. We have so many amazing members that share their own knowledge and experience – it has helped me a lot. The people around you really do matter.

Becoming a real estate agent can be a challenging yet a really rewarding career. Remember to be yourself, set up systems, be patient with the learning curve, don’t take things personally, and surround yourself with the right people.